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New Homes

 “Our home is now five years old and we have thoroughly enjoyed every day we have lived here.  There is not a time when friends or family come over to visit that some compliment is not given on its beauty, quality and style. In observing others going through the same process as we did, we have only been more amazed at how lucky we were to have found you to build our dream home.”         

 Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Williams

“Personal Attention to Quality” is not just a slogan but a way of doing business for Earle.  Most Importantly, I consider Earle to be a model of honesty and integrity.  I had enough faith in Earle that I didn’t have to worry about getting every little detail down in writing.  I can without hesitation give my highest recommendation to Earle Whitehurst.  I have never regretted one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made.  Neither will you.” 

Stephen J. Lube 

“Mr. Whitehurst is a man of integrity and honesty and a builder of the highest caliber.  He is well respected by those he works with and they speak of him as the only true craftsman in Jacksonville.  Finding an excellent, trustworthy and hassle-free builder is quite an anxiety producing experience; choosing Earle Whitehurst can relieve all that for you.”

Dr. and Mrs. Kasra Nabizadeh

“It has really been great working with someone who is so honest and has such a great deal of integrity.  I think when you look back on something like this and can honestly say 1) Yes, I would do that again and 2) This turned out better than I could have ever imagined, that is a sign of a great builder and a great person.  I can’t imagine building a house with anyone else.” 

Derek Siewert

“I thought I would let you know how happy we are with the beautiful house you built.  Thank you so much for working with us and for building such a quality house.  We get nothing but wonderful compliments about the workmanship, etc.” 

Steve Lukenbach 

“Earle, you earned every bit of the confidence and trust we needed to place in you.  Your attention to detail during the entire planning and construction process meant that we got a quality home.  I think it is not very common for the building experience to be a positive one.  Our experience with you certainly was positive and I would want others to have that same experience.” 

Mike Wimberly  

"We wish to thank you and your construction team for delivering to Marilyn and me a perfect house. You executed perfectly against our objectives, and the house is the best we've ever built. Your attention to detail and follow up on any issues (very, very few) has been outstanding."

Marilyn & Bill Elston

"The attention to detail and the enthusiasm displayed by Earle Whitehurst and his crew was never short of extraordinary. If we ever decide to build another house, we will certainly look to Whitehurst Builders for all of their expertise. Allow me to endorse Whitehurst Builders as the best builder in Jacksonville. Many people have told me that this was the case, but truly after my experience, I will be happy to say that is true in my opinion."

Timothy & Seran Fee

"We continue to enjoy everything about our "Earle" house. Every detail about our home continues to impress us on a day to day basis. The quality is impeccable. Everyone that worked on site to complete our home was fantastic and combined to make the final result a Whitehurst masterpiece. We would do it all over again with the same team. Thanks so much to you and Cindy for keeping the process smooth. The fact that you are so accessible at all times makes your business unique. The care and consideration you give to every one of your customers is unparalleled in Jacksonville. Thank you for a job well done."

Jeanie & Bill Lynch


“When we decided to completely remodel our 1963 home we gave a great deal of consideration to what exactly it was we wanted to accomplish and set out to find out the right remodeling professional to do the job.  Thanks to Whitehurst Builders that was the only hard part of the remodeling.  After 8 months of interviewing, working to achieve the plan we wanted at a price we could live with we knew that Earle Whitehurst was the only person who had listened to what we said, understood our concerns and desires and had the character, integrity and professionalism we wanted to be included in our 8 month long remodeling project.” 

Danny & Loretta Ours